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Radiation? Not in my WATER!

About Us

Diné NO NUKES is a Diné-led initiative to create a Navajo Nation
that is free from the dangers of radioactive contamination and
nuclear proliferation, including effects from past and proposed
uranium mining and processing.

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7 thoughts on “About Diné NO NUKES”

  1. We are commemorating the awful July 16, 1979 Church Rock, NM uranium mill tailings disaster here in New York City on Saturday, July 18, 2015. Our condolences for all who lost lives or livestock as a result.

    1. are any people being compensated for health problems which came from the tailings of the uranium plant that went into the san juan river? If so who do we contact to get more information or paperwork to fill out for compensation ? I grew up in Shiprock but now live in Arizona but have serious health issues due to the water I drank when I lived there.

  2. I saw Leona Morgan in Montreal, and I just wanted to say that I very much sympathize with your grievances. Being incited by a bunch of settlers to be part of a common front with them, and be rush to commit to something without going through your very important cultural protocols — well, it must feel like colonization and attempted assimilation all over again. In any case, I didn`t have the chance to say hi in Montreal, but I just wanted to say thank you and good luck in your struggles, and that you have a settler ally in Haudenosaunee territory.
    Best regards,

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Information for Creating a Navajo Nation Safe from Radioactive Contamination